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24/07/2020: A Date For Your Karate Diary

Karate has been included as a sport in the Tokyo 2020 Olymics. This is an historic event and the New Zealand Disablity Karate Association aims to be there.

17/11/2017: Birthdays Appear on Journey Page

If a student has entered their date of birth on the account page their birthday will appear on the journey page. This so that that it can be celebrated at the dojo.

At NZ-DKA we believe that every aspect of a student's life is important and should be acknowledged.

15/11/2017: Printing Now Works On Popular Browsers

Buttons and menus are now removed and the background images a cleared so that printing can work regardless of the browser you use.

09/11/2017: Date Bug Fixed

Had a small problem with date entry in that you could end up with 00/mm/yyyy if letters were used. If that occurs now the system will use todays date.

05/11/2017: Phase One of Website has Completed

All of the functionality of the website has been delivered. The last part was to create the administration capability including the bulk account update options.

03/11/2017: New Karate Journey Page

The karate journey pages have been completed. Students can now see their attendance, grades and awards on line.

The bulk update and administration options for Sensei will be added to the site over the next couple of days.

25/10/2017: Update of Our Mission Page

The Our Mission page has been updated to make the club objectives clearer. A new section has been added explaining our grade structure and the meaning behind the belt colours.

17/10/2017: Making the Website More Mobile Friendly

The website has been going through a major review. This has been to enable you to access the site from mobile devices and to improve the accessibility of the site.

The next phase is review the readability of pages such as the Mission Statement page.

26/09/2017: New Membership Cards

The design for the new lifetime membership cards has been approved and sent to the printers for production. The first batch should arrive in the next 10 days.

23/09/2017: New gi badges have arrived

The new gi badges arrived in the post this morning. We are extremely happy with their quality and I am sure all club members will be very proud to sport them on their gi.

21/09/2017: Follow us on Twitter